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Hi welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy reading it and feel free to leave comments and correct me if any of my information is wrong. I am not a scientist or anything like that, I just enjoy learning about our universe, where we all came from and where we are all going. 

I will try as much as possible to write this blog in my own words but with not actually being educated in physics or engineering or anything like that, I will quote all the technical 'stuff'. The way I see it is, there is only one way of saying the technical 'stuff', so trying to rewrite it into my own words, especially when I struggle myself with the jargon, is futile. The point of this blog is more about the subject matter that interests me and I hope will interest you, so please read on and enjoy .......

The Universe


Space what does that word mean to you?  To me it means vast, huge, endless, brilliance.  Yes that's right, brilliance, that is how I see space!  It's somewhere were I would love to go, to float around, passing stars and planets.  If I shut my eyes I can imagine being there or as close as I can imagine it without ever being there.  Some people like the idea of traveling down to the bottom of the oceans, to see the wonders of the deep but that really doesn't appeal to me. For some strange reason I can't dream about water, the moment I go under, I wake up, the thought petrifies me.  I can swim, not a very good swimmer but I can swim and I don't recall ever having an unpleasant experience involving water but I'm unable to dream of it.  If I dream I'm in a swimming pool and everything is calm then suddenly the water will turn murky and sharks and other unpleasant creatures appear in the water and again I wake up suddenly but Space well that's a different story!  The idea of exploring new planets, even though there may be no way of knowing what is alive on these planets, I can still shut my eyes and imagine myself there, imagine the colours of beautiful star systems, of passing planets with multiply moons, of seeing passing comets flying through space and the endless of it. To look as far as you can and wonder, what's really out there?

I hope you enjoy my blog, if you have any ideas on how I can improve it, feel free to comment.

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